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Universal Premium Fund, SICAV-SIF is an investment fund with variable capital subject to the Luxembourg Law of 13 February 2007 for specialized investment funds and organized as a corporate partnership limited by shares .
Universal Premium Fund, SICAV-SIF is registered under the number B 148540 in RCS and is listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange under the number LU 0439781443 .
Universal Premium Fund SICAV - SIF is included in the official list of Financial Market Authority , Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier .
Universal Premium GP S.A. acts as the Managing General Partner of Universal Premium Fund SICAV-SIF.
Universal Premium Fund ‘s main activity is focalized on the discovery and production of the crude oil, natural gas and mineral water resources.
In a mean time, understanding very well the new requirements for complementary and new resources, especially “green resources” in order to protect and conserve the welth of the environment, Universal Premium Fund has initiated and putting into place a permanent strategy to achieve and implement the green sources of energy, especially geothermal water.
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