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Universal Premium is an investment group for specialized investments, organized as a corporate partnership. Universal Premium is registered and acting under Romanian laws.
Universal Premium’s main activity is focalized on the discovery and production of the crude oil, natural gas and mineral water resources.
In the mean time, understanding very well the new requirements for complementary and new resources, especially ”green resources”, in order to protect and conserve the welth of the environment, we have initiated and implemented into place a permanent strategy to achieve and settle such green sources of energy, especially geothermal water.
All such specialized investments started year's ago subject to concession agreement achievement for exploration and production. Such concessions mechanism are based on International Auctions organized by Romanian Government through National Agency for Mineral Resources.
Till today, we have invested considerable amounts, executing a high range of exploration works like geophysical and geochemical research, such as seismic profiles, exploration drilled wells, interpretations and evaluations of funded accumulations of mineral resources.
We are proud today, to see that works and efforts along more than 20 years of continuous beliefs on such project have arrived at an exceptional result; finally.
Reserves accumulations qualified as "between probable and proven" and also "proven" reserves of crude oil, natural gas, geothermal and mineral water have founded.
Estimations of over 1 Billion USD reservers value, are considered today, by all of the Universal Premium and most of independent specialists (geologists, geophysicist, oil engineers, financial engineers, etc.) as a fair one value estimation.
Today, Universal Premium, the owner of tree concessions permits: Pancota, Buzias and Paulis located in the western side of Romania, totaling over 2.500 square km, is continuing its investments in order to start its firsts productions by the Quarter 4 of 2016. Strategic partners, specialized companies and investment funds are welcomed to join Universal Premium Project in order to create a strong synergy and sharing updated ideas for best final goal.

"The blassing to dream, beleving in your dreams and struggling to make them happen!"
This is Universal Premium!

Teodor Ioan Vostinaru
Owner & CEO